Where it all began…


It was a moment I’d dreamt of for as long as I can remember. The moment where a handsome 6ft tall Tom Hardy lookalike declared his undying love for me on a deserted beach as the sun went down in a blaze of glory clutching a ring with a diamond the size of a golf ball…In reality it was nothing like that at all and very nearly didn’t happen thanks to me being my normal stubborn self! Also, bless him, ‘A’ is a lot shorter than 6ft and looks nothing like Tom Hardy. We’d taken a trip up to the Peak District for my birthday to visit Chatsworth House, a place I’d always wanted to go to ever since I first saw the film Pride and Prejudice. ‘A’ had spent all day trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question but always seemed to get thwarted at the last minute by a group of German tourists. It got to the end of the day and little did I know it but ‘A’ was seriously panicking. It was our last day of the trip and we were leaving to go home after we’d finished at Chatsworth. In a last ditched attempt ‘A’ tried to persuade me to climb a set of old stone steps near the river that overlooks the house to ‘take a picture’. But I was tired (and moaning about my aching feet) and already on my way back to the car park. He practically begged for me to come back and I don’t really know what made me turn around, female intuition perhaps or maybe it was the sheer desperation in his voice but I am so glad I did. And even though it didn’t quite go to plan, for ‘A’ anyway, it was and still is one of the best moments of my life so far where my best friend finally admitted he would quite happily put up with me for the rest of his life.


It’s a feeling that is still hard to this day to put exactly into words and if I could bottle it up and sell it I’d be a billionaire by now. To say we were floating on a cloud would be an understatement. As we drove the 4 hour journey back home we excitedly chatted about what we both wanted from our special day and I began setting up proper Pinterest boards. Don’t get me wrong I already had a wedding board, of course I did, that was the very first board I created on Pinterest! But now I finally had a reason to set up multiple boards, one for themes, one for venues, one for dresses, one for flowers, one for cakes…you get the idea…and best of all I didn’t have to hide them! We also stopped off on the way home to get fuel and I raced into Sainsburys and grabbed as many bridal magazines as I could physically carry. And so that’s where it all began, I was finally a part of a world that I’d only ever dreamt of before and it was finally time to start planning my very own wedding!

L xxx


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